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Benny & Joon = The Proclaimerd = 500 Miles = Fox Wild Video

Benny & Joon = The Proclaimerd = 500 Miles = Fox Wild Video

It was because of this video I learned of the movie ‘Benny & Joon’ and thus watched it. On my 1 to 10 scale, I rated this movie a perfect 10, which for me is saying a lot. I have only given one other movie a perfect 10 rating; the Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn movie ‘African Queen’.

As a tribute to the movie ‘Benny & Joon’ as well as to Charlie Chaplin, Buster ‘Stone Face’ Keaton and all the silent film stars, I created a video for the song ‘500 Miles’ made entirely from video from the movie itself.


Fox Wild
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500 Miles to Nowhere, Film Festival Edit

Paragliding pilots Nate Scales, Nick Greece, Matt Beechinor and Gavin McClurg attempt a bivvy line from Hurricane Ridge, Utah to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Filmed by Michael Paul Jones and Jeremy Canon with RED Epic cameras, human flight has never been captured in such a dramatic way and inspiring way. Come along for the ride at 18,000 feet as the pilots are stymied by frustrating weather but find their love and passion for flight grows even deeper. A Banff Mountain Film Finalist.
Video Rating: / 5

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2 thoughts on “Benny & Joon = The Proclaimerd = 500 Miles = Fox Wild Video
  1. Milko Krastev says:

    What is the reason to fly vol biv with a standard Impress 3 instead of Lightness 2 or something else similarly light? Isn't weight extremely important when it comes to hike and fly?

  2. Garry Wakely says:

    Some practicalities questions here:
    1) How do they re-charge their electronics if they are away from cities/towns/outlets for 5+ days?  Batteries?
    2) What about water supplies?  5 days of flight in/over the desert is going to suck vast quantities of water out of them – where are they replenishing, or are they carrying that all with them?

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