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Ideas For A Corporate Team Building Event.

Ideas For A Corporate Team Building Event.

Lots of emphasis in building a successful business these days is on having your team working harmoniously and not independently. To help build trust and reliance on other team members, business owners are often looking for ideas for a corporate team building event. There are numerous options available to companies.

You will find that a lot of activity and leisure pursuit providers will have special days set aside for this very purpose. The most popular activities tend to be survival days, paint balling, who did it mysteries, in all of these your employees have to learn to rely on each other to advance or win their game.

One often over looked team event is a learn to play polo day. You would all attend for a day at a nearby polo club and learn all the various aspects of polo and the rules. Polo can be quite a complex game, so there are may aspects to the day, and it is lots of fun. The person who will be teaching you and looking after you will initially meet you.

As the game can be quite complex the day tends to begin with a lesson in the rules and technicalities, as most people attending wouldn’t have come across it before. Usually after this the members of the team would be offered a breakfast if first thing in the morning or light refreshments prior to the hands on teaching.

The next step is to give you a polo stick and then get used to handle it, different types of swing strokes, and putting into practice all you learnt earlier in the day in the theory lesson. Some clubs have mechanical horses to show you how different it is up high, others will have crates to give some idea.

Then comes the best part of the day, riding the horse and getting to partake in a chukka! A chukka is one 7 minute segment of the game in which 3 or 4 of you play against the other team. The referee is normally the instructor whom has taught you, it is lots of fun and brilliant for those needing their team to bond.

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