The uniqueness of Michelle's dual licenses provides her the ability to view clients and their concerns in a manner which takes into consideration both their physical and emotional needs.

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WISDOM is what emerges when we allow the truth to inspire us.

Michelle Salzman
Michelle Salzman

Learn how to say “no” to negative, automatic thoughts that:

  • Form self-defeating beliefs.
  • Produce uncomfortable feelings.
  • Cause nonproductive actions.

Take control of your thoughts and feelings:

  • Empower self.
  • Create new behaviors.

Survive loss:

  • Transitions.
  • Relationships.
  • Chronic illness.
  • Death.

Women’s Issues:

  • Boundary setting.
  • Self-esteem/confidence.
  • Re-entry into the job market.

Mindfulness Approach:

  • Nurture the connection between the mind, body, and spiritual aspects of our lives.


Examine how past and present dramas in our lives affect our ability to grow.

Gain freedom and independence.

Sessions may be conducted in person or by phone.