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YETI Presents: One Eighty Out

YETI Presents: One Eighty Out

Combat veteran Micah Fink founded Heroes and Horses on an isolated Montana ranch to fill the void of veterans programs that saw veterans helping veterans dealing with PTSD.
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Film credits:
Production Co: Seacat
Director: Alec Goplen
Executive Producers: Adam Foss, Mark Seacat
Producers: Sean Tippin
Director of Photography: Sean Tippin
Editor: Kelly Carpenter
Music: Robert Sanchez

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In this YETI Presents video, combat veteran Micah Fink provides Montana wilderness therapy for PTSD through horse back riding. Therapeutic horseback riding proved to be a highly-effective method for war veterans returning home.
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19 thoughts on “YETI Presents: One Eighty Out
  1. Yesica1993 says:

    Don't sell yourself short, Micah! You may think you haven't done much. But that's not true. You've created a place of healing and hope for these guys. Yes, they have to work through their pain themselves. No one can do that for them. At least here they have a place and are given some skills to be able to do that, among people who understand what they've been through.

    That's incredible. It's life saving!

  2. James Rothwell says:

    "not to be defined by any one experience in life" wow I needed to hear that

  3. Erik B says:

    That was amazing!!! I'd say more but I don't know what to say

  4. Cameron Wilder says:

    I've watched this like 20 times

  5. cdub0451 says:

    Legit. I keep telling myself this same thing over and over again since I got out. Keep pushing myself mentally. It's a drug. I crave it. Micah, keep doing what you do.

  6. Vato Loco Homes says:

    this is a awesome video and even tho my milatery carrer jist started im sure when i get out it is cool to know their are these types of programs and peaple out their

  7. Wyatt Bishop says:

    Really appreciate yeti for not "polishing" up this film and censoring the words. This film means a lot to me and I continuously find myself coming back to watch it again and again.

  8. RockRib OutDoors says:

    Great film, I enjoyed that.

  9. SeaWolf_727 says:

    @yeti Your storytelling and cinematography in these videos is absolutely remarkable. As a photojournalist, watching them gives me new fire to want to work towards this kind of end product. Very impressed and am looking forward to hopefully seeing more short clips like this in the future. Keep up the phenomenal work. Semper P.

  10. BKJEEP says:

    Wow great edit and story. Showed support but didn't product place throughout. Very well done Yeti!

  11. Zac Nolan says:

    +YETI what are the songs throughout? Great film. God Bless Our Troops

  12. Mars Mahoney says:

    what is the music ? 2 songs, not the intro, and not the sound samples the last horse I rode stopped so fast I fell off and it stepped on my shirt, and it sort of held me pinned to the ground, the horse was running so fast and there was a fence almost so close he would have either have had to jump it or crash into it.

  13. Charles Smith says:

    The statement about struggle was perfect….

  14. Jacek Dada says:

    AMAZING. How can I help you guys?

  15. Jackson Childress says:

    What a bad ass God bless our troops

  16. Jackson Childress says:

    So beautiful what a great film

  17. Jacqueline Knell says:

    Thanks Micah, You and my brother are doing some great things, and I haven't seen my brother as peaceful as he has been since he started this journey. Thank you for doing this. Thank for my brother.

  18. Outdoor Aesthetics says:

    What a great film. Thank you!

  19. Michael Mathis says:

    It won't play for me.  "An error occurred.  Please try again later."

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